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23 Day - No Added Sugar - Challenge

Jan 2, 2023 - Jan 24, 2023

  • 23Days
  • 78Steps
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Kick off 2023 with 23 days of no added sugar! This challenge will give you an introduction to eliminating unnecessary added sugar to your daily diet. The American diet is filled with unnecessary processed and added ingredients that have no nutritional value for our body. In these 23 days you will cleanse your body from unnatural additives and you will fall into the habit of eating more natural, unprocessed foods. Many natural sugars are found in whole foods such as apples, but these whole foods also contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that nourish the body. Added sugars are extra calories with no nutritional value. They are what we call "empty calories" that can lead to weight gain, health problems and have an addictive component. Eliminating processed sugar comes with more benefits than just feeling healthier, it has also been shown to regulate blood sugar, aid in weight management, increase energy, decrease inflammation, promote healthier skin & improve mood and mental focus. By the end of these 23 days, you will find that your energy is more leveled and sustainable, you will reduce cravings and you will have created habits to adopt a diet sourced by whole and natural ingredients.. Throughout this journey you will learn different recipes, tools, and tricks to kickstart your year of becoming a healthier version of you!




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23 Day No Sugar Added Challenge

23 Day No Sugar Added Challenge

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