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Meet Haley

Certified Nutritionist

Navigating health and wellness has become extremely difficult in today's society with so many social platforms telling us different things to do. Despite all these trends, there is no single plan that is going to work for everybody. The best plan, is one that fits your personal goals & motivates you.


As a former collegiate athlete, I have personally experienced many different ways to fuel your body and become the best version of yourself. No matter your experience with physical activity or nutrition, I would love to help you discover and create the plan that works for YOU to unlock your full potential. 


Kostyshyn Nutrition in Practice

Join me for a consultation to discuss your personal goals and create a plan of action to make your goals a reality. In this consultation, we will work to build a lifestyle that you can not only achieve, but also sustain while eliminating barriers that may be in the way. 

In our consultation we will be able to discuss how we can best work together to ensure your goals are met. When you choose to move forward with a plan of action, you have open communication with me, weekly or bi-weekly meetings depending on your schedule, & exclusive resources including but not limited to; personalized meal-plans, recipes, & educational documents.

Head over to the home page to see the breakdown of coaching options you can choose from and click Book Now!

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