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30 Day Intro to Meal-Prep

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Learn to dedicate the time on the weekend and have healthy & prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner ready to enjoy for nearly the entire week! We all have busy lives but our goal is to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle. Weeknights can get so busy that it is hard to stay on track and cook a full meal at home. Instead of letting this limit you, use this as a force to make a change. Throughout this program you will participate in weekly meal-prep to make like easier throughout the week. This doesn't mean we will spend hours in the kitchen on the weekend, but we will need to set aside a little bit of time. What if you don't want to prep ALL of your meals!? You don't have to! This program is very flexible depending on your needs and goals. Some people have no problem whipping up a breakfast in the morning but struggle with lunch and dinner; others are pro's are packing a lunch but can't seem to shake their morning fast-food breakfast run. This program is designed to help you hit three goals; 1. Fuel your body with healthy amounts of protein, carbs, & fat - centering your meals around whole foods 2. Get rid of the need to make fast-food runs 3. Learn new and straight-forward healthy recipes that will leave you satisfied The recipes are designed to typically get you through Monday-Thursday (the busiest days) and will yield about 4 servings each. Head to the store on Friday or Saturday and designate 1-2 hours on Sunday to put it all together!



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